Hit Us With Your Best Shot: The Reader Look Book

A reader-submitted standout.

Hello, stylish readers of The Cut: Did you know that we're dying to see what you're wearing? It's true! We even have a Look Book dedicated to you, and you alone, where you can upload images of what you're wearing so that we can all revel in your sartorial greatness — after all, we'd like to think we're not just a blog, but a fashion-savvy community (also, why should Jane Aldridge have all the fun?).

So let's see what you've got, shall we? Using the tool below, upload snaps of what you (or your friends) are wearing. As our Look Book grows, we'll even start to highlight some of your fabulous contributions, like the one at right, uploaded by our dapper reader Ruben Gold.

Need more explicit instruction on how to use the tool? Go here.