‘It’ Girl Daisy Lowe Reveals Her Swarovski Charms

Lowe: positively charming.

Swarovski's new Crystallized charms collection by Daisy Lowe is a bit like the Brit "It" girl and rock scion herself — cute but dark, girlish but sexy. Seeing as the crystal manufacturer has already partnered with mainstream talents like Jean Paul Gaultier and more edgy designers like Philip Crangi for their simple, often winsome Crystallized line, scooping up the young Lowe, who is far more popular over on the other side of the pond, is a no-brainer. For Lowe, this collaboration marks a branding high point, as the curvaceous catwalker has already advised on a few collections on top of her many, many sultry ads and editorials. The baubles will be available later in the month, but for now you can sate yourself with a preview video featuring Ms. Lowe, all rounded edges and wide eyes, first pawing at the necklaces and black-glass trinkets like a kid at the mall, then moving on to building her own pieces at the DIY counter at Crystallized's London store, and finally showing off her own physical charms during a campaign shoot.

Daisy Lowe is Now a Jeweler! [Grazia UK]