Jennifer Lopez’s New Year’s Eve Coat Probably Deserves As Much Attention As Her Sparkly ‘Elephant Skin’

Camel in perhaps more than one way.

On New Year's Eve, Jennifer Lopez performed in an unfortunately hued crystal-studded catsuit that she may or may not have realized would look so sheer under stage lights. Some thought the garment looked magnificent, others thought the bunching and wrinkling made it look like "elephant skin," while still others thought it made her butt look woefully smaller. A diva in a catsuit is nothing new. A diva looking damn-near naked save a few Swarovskis also shouldn't surprise. Are modern divas not supposed to look ridiculous at every photo opportunity? Lopez — a veteran, unlike the frustratingly never-absurd Taylor Swift (crack, dammit!) — delivered. But why is no one talking about her coat? Women performers wear weird crap all the time, but Lady Gaga may be the only one to have dabbled in human hair. This coat makes Lopez look like a rare nineteenth-century lamp. Or Lordess of the Pac-Man ghosts.

J.Lo's got sexy for 2010: Jennifer Lopez' skin-tight outfit is talk of New Year [NYDN]