MTV’s Jersey Shore Inspires Garden State Reality-TV Fashion Show

Diane & Co.: Garden State gowns.

By now you've either seen or heard of MTV's Jersey Shore, a probing look at Garden State beach revelers in a quiet, coastal town where hair is fast, muscles are juiced, and skin is orange. Yes, it's an instant classic of the genre. But even at that, we never imagined anyone would want to see more — yes, more —of the graphic T-shirts and Lycra tube dresses sported by its stars. Well, the Oxygen Network believes you don't get enough Snooki-style looks through either The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Jersey Shore, or periodic visits to PATH stations. Their new series, Jersey Couture, centers around the Diane & Co. dress shop ("the premiere glamour stop in New Jersey") located in exotic Freehold, and the travails of its staff as they try to outfit their hopefully drunk and violent clients. Okay, okay — that's unfair. While Diane & Co. does appear very much in the Real Housewives world of style, selections from their website reveal that their aesthetic is a couple of boardwalks away from the sartorially challenged denizens of the Shore. Hip, perhaps not. But it will be fun to watch the "grenades" and "hippos" of Jersey try to bring a little more style to their much-maligned state.

'Jersey Shore' Meets 'Jersey Couture' For A New Fashion-Based Reality Show On Oxygen [Hollywood Crush/MTV]