Jesus Luz Knows How to Model Some Sheets

You're looking at the sheets by Calvin Klein Home, right? Oh, of course.

Jesus Luz stars in his own spread and Q&A feature for the new issue of Interview magazine. Photographer Mikael Jannson shot the Dolce & Gabbana face in seven different situations, a variety that includes a bondage-inspired look with a blindfold and leather straps as well as a make-it-rain photo where his Jheri curl is totally drenched. His abs get prime placement in the other pictures, spectacularly, especially in one where he's lounging on the bed with Calvin Klein Home bedding with one sheet placed so low you can see all of his down-there manscaping preferences up close. With that cigarette dangling from his mouth and his hand covering his eyes, it's hard to say exactly what he's thinking, but surely it has to be something nasty.

Jesus Luz [Interview]