Johnny Weir to Switch to Faux Fur After Death Threats


This week, figure skater Johnny Weir came under fire for wearing a costume with a tuft of real fur on the shoulder. His costume designer came under fire, too, which Weir found severely upsetting, yet not upsetting enough to renounce real fur outright. However, now that he has received hate mail and death threats, he's switching the real fur on the costume in question to a faux variety. He doesn't want the animal-rights people to mess him up at the Olympics, which is exactly why we suggested he make nice with them the other day. We've seen the havoc they wreak at Fashion Week, and he would have no chance of maintaining his poker face if they stormed the ice yelling, wearing suits that make them look like skinned rabbits.

Weir changes mind about wearing fur [AP via Forbes]
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