Kate Moss Was Just Kidding About Those Gray Streaks


Kate Moss went to a party Wednesday night with freshly dyed gray streaks in her hair. But apparently those weren't permanent. Yesterday she was spotted leaving the Balmain boutique in Paris with her hair entirely back to blonde. Given her fleeting attachment to the gray highlights, maybe fashion freaks won't run out and copy them as they do Moss's every style statement. This would be a relief because, as with shorts and tights, it remains to be seen whether gray highlights can truly do the average person any favors (though we're going with probably not). But perhaps it's worth noting this: She has been spotted out in white jackets at least three times over the last week. She and Mary J. Blige have more in common than we thought!

Back to blonde for Kate Moss as she ditches her unflattering grey highlights after just one day [Daily Mail UK]
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