Ke$ha Shells Out for Boho Chic by Buying Clothe$ Off Homele$s Man’s Back

Ke$ha: A one-woman Salvation Army.

Erin Wasson was put on a virtual rack when she admitted in an interview to drawing inspiration from the indigent residents of her SoCal neighborhood. It's not all that sensitive to hold the homeless as aesthetic models, apparently. Well, rising pop tart Ke$ha has done Wasson one better by claiming to harvest her wardrobe directly from panhandlers. “My favorite stuff that I’ve ever found has been from trash cans,” says the Dumpster-diving artist formerly known as Kesha Sebert to WWD. “And I bought this incredible vest off a homeless guy recently.” Very inventive, Ms. Sebert. Puts a whole new spin on "pop-up shop," no?

Kesha Sebert: Hard Candy [WWD]