Kelly Cutrone on Not Wearing Makeup, Sex and the City, and Interns


Kelly Cutrone is doing press for her upcoming Bravo reality show Kell on Earth, which premieres February 1. The self-help book she has coming out — If You Have to Cry, Go Outside ... And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You — sounded a little cheesy (not that that will stop us from reading it — please). But damn, we are excited for the show after reading some Cutrone quotes from a recent conference call with reporters. She explained why she doesn't wear makeup:

My whole thing is I'm busy, I'm a single mom, I'm working. I'm not an actress. The truth of the matter is, you know, with the exception of my mother, most people who know me know I don't look great in makeup. When I was younger I was into it. You know, people have strong connotations of what women on television should say and what they should wear and how they should look. And I'm just not into it. The Bravo shot of me on the couch? It looks like I had sex with Heather Locklear and five margaritas.

Speaking of "strong connotations of what women on television should say and what they should wear and how they should look," Cutrone offered brief comment on Carrie Bradshaw and her friends.

There aren't that many strong women on TV. Even if you look at Sex and the City … if you look at women on television … Sarah Jessica Parker's character is obsessed with Mr. Big and Kim Cattrall is getting banged 20 times a day.

And what working professional in New York can't identify with her comments on interns?

We have a lot of young kids, girls, they've been set up to believe they're God's gift. And they can't take a phone message! So when things are moving fast, me or Robin or Emily will swoop down on them and rip it.

In a world where anyone famous (well, maybe except late-night talk-show hosts nowadays) is afraid to be honest or open about anything in the media, it makes us so happy that a woman with a Bravo reality show is. Maybe what she really needs is a talk show.

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