Apparently, Lara Stone Is Engaged to Her Boyfriend of Four Months


The Daily Mail reports that Lara Stone and Little Britain star David Walliams are engaged. She's walking around with a big rock on her left ring finger, and the Mail says Walliams confirmed the engagement. Stone, 25, and Walliams, 38, have only been dating for four months, but their love looks so pure and real, in a way that only the love between two famous people can when paparazzi snap them leaving restaurants and walking around airports. They were recently snapped in an airport smiling and holding hands, her clutching a giant stuffed elephant, him carrying what could be her purse. Walliams was also recently photographed rubbing sunscreen on her tush when they were on vacation in Mexico and didn't know photographers were spying. Then they kissed and hugged and everything. To those who wonder if four months is really long enough to know whether you want to marry someone, we ask, did Lara get sunburned after Mexico? And does Russell Brand and Katy Perry's engagement not also show how special and immune to real-world concerns famous love is? That's what we thought.

David Walliams can't hold back the joy as model fiancée Lara shows off her engagement ring [Daily Mail UK]