Love Magazine Loves Nude Covers


The next issue of Love has three different covers, featuring full-frontal shots of three different models in the same pose with equally little coverage. They are the 26-year-old Lara Stone, 19-year-old Jeneil Williams, and 43-year-old Kristen McMenamy, whose cover just leaked (Lara and Jeneil's leaked earlier). The issue is Love's third, and the third to boast naked cover subjects. The first issue featured a nude Beth Ditto, who later said the magazine Photoshopped her to make her look fatter than she really is. The second issue featured two covers, one of which depicted unknown bass player Alex Hartley shirtless, his pants resting just below his hips. Is it impossible to launch and sell a new magazine without naked people on the cover these days? And not only naked people, but people who are as naked as they can be without the cover veering into Purple territory? We love Love, but as a fashion magazine; after all, it is primarily about the many ways one might attire oneself.

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