Milan’s Pimp Explosion: Man Fur IN for Fall 2010


The explosion of fur on the men's fall 2010 runways in Milan is a curious trend. Perhaps, though the collections were heavy on casualwear and things you might wear on a day off — which many unemployed men could have a lot of now — designers couldn't help but make room for a bit of decadence. We saw everything from fur-lined jackets to fur vests, stoles, and even a full-length fur dress at Gianfranco Ferré, where the animal skins were large and in charge. D&G gave us giant fur hats, while Pringle of Scotland gave us giant fur mittens. Maybe the point is that with the economy still in the dumps, and buyers still wary of novelty, men's designers will always find room for ridiculous touches here and there. And if you're no longer sartorially restrained by the daily rigors of business casual in an office, there is no better time to dress ridiculously. But also, men often need means to overcompensate for insecurities. Sports and pumping iron can get old, but fur clothing and accessories are a great alternative. Have a look in the slideshow.