Marc Jacobs Planning to Wed in March?


Yesterday, suspicious photos of Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone at a party in St. Barts with a wedding cake surfaced on the Internet. It appeared, and was reported, that the two had finally wed. After all, they were at a huge, fancy party with a large, white, tiered cake with what appeared to be marzipan incarnations of the couple and their dogs on top. Yesterday, a rep for Jacobs quickly denied a wedding occurred, and said the fête was merely an engagement party thrown by Larry Gagosian. A source close to Martone's camp reaffirmed to us today that the party with the fancy cake was not a wedding, and adds that the couple is planning to wed in March. We can't confirm, but this thing has been moved around so much, who knows when it will actually take place? And also, if the St. Barts cake really was just in honor of MarLo's engagement, what will their real wedding cake look like? And how fancy will that reception be? Maybe this won't be such a casual open-shirted affair.

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