Miley Cyrus Conceals Herself for Harper’s Bazaar


Seemingly unable to accept the age bracket of their readership, Harper's Bazaar is increasingly pulling at younger readers. In a bid for Twi-hards, they put Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson on the cover of the December issue. And in a bid for Nickelodeon and Disney fans, they put Miley Cyrus on the cover of the February issue. However, the pairing actually works splendidly, because if any magazine can dress this girl age-appropriately, it's Bazaar. She shows little more than a little leg and bare arms in the photos inside the magazine, even though she once danced on national television on a pole wearing shorts-panties, and has appeared on red carpets in skirts short enough to make everyone around her uncomfortable.

"My job is to be a role model, and that's what I want to do, but my job isn't to be a parent," Cyrus tells the fashion mag. "My job isn't to tell your kids how to act or how not to act, because I'm still figuring that out for myself. "

Never mind that her fans want to be exactly like her anyway, which you'd think might boost her confidence enough to prevent this:

"I used to ask everyone all day, 'Do I look pretty?' " says Cyrus. "I probably asked that question about as many times as I blink."

Sounds like a vicious cycle. Her salaried best friends probably got sick of hearing it and starting saying "no."

Miley Cyrus doesn't take responsibility for how her younger fans act: 'My job isn't to be a parent' [NYDN]