More Designers Migrate to M·A·C & Milk This Fashion Week


A disturbing trend has taken hold of the Tents this season. The Kardashians are showing their Bebe line there next month during Fashion Week. QVC will stage a runway show in the Tents with an overly complicated seating and bathroom procedure. And though it's taking place in the Bryant Park Hotel, Spanx are showing their new women's and men's (yes, man Spanx are happening) lines during Fashion Week, too. So that whole geographic region of Fashion Week is going downhill. Bryant Park? Well, we can think of another kind of park it's calling to mind more and more lately!

So it makes sense that Milk Studios will have even more shows this season than last season, as designers increasingly choose to show there, where it's cool, instead of at the Tents, where it's less so. M·A·C & Milk will have 32 presentations and shows during Fashion Week, up from 25 last season. Additionally, Montauk's Surf Lodge is setting up a pop-up restaurant, "with chef Sam Talbot debuting new delicacies for a Thursday-through-Sunday menu," according to WWD. Gwen Stefani is hosting a cocktail party there. McQ by Alexander McQueen is showing there. BMW is sponsoring. And what's going to happen when Fashion Week moves to Lincoln Center in September? Fashion people seem to have an innate fear of uptown, so M·A·C & Milk's Fashion Week could grow even more.

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