New Bill Proposes National Tanning Limits; John Mayer Hates Celebrity Fragrances

John Mayer.

• The Tanning Bed Cancer Control Act was introduced in Congress this week. The bill proposes limiting the amount of UV rays emitted by a tanning bed, how long someone can be exposed to them, and a minimum age requirement of 18. If passed, it would mean the federal government would take tanning limitations to a national level. [StyleList]

• John Mayer on why he would never create a fragrance like other celebrities: "I'm not diversifying in terms of selling anything. I'm not selling 'John Mayer: the cologne'. If I did it would just smell like sausage and sleep. I don't look at my fans and think, 'Wow, they really like what I do musically. Imagine if I could get 60 more dollars out of them!' Who out there really goes, 'You know what, I just fucking love perfumes. I always have since I was a kid. If I weren't a pop singer, I'd be a perfumer?" [Contact Music]

• Here's a good reason to not buy counterfeit fragrances: They can contain urine, bacteria, and antifreeze, which can cause skin reactions. Spot fakes by looking for loose cellophane, thin boxes, and bar codes that are on the side rather than the back of the box. [HuffPo]

• Makeup artist Tom Pecheux and hairstylist Odile Gilbert are the two responsible for the Mexico-meets-Avatar beauty looks at the Jean Paul Gaultier couture runway show yesterday. [Beauty Counter/]

• The Ulta beauty and fragrance store announced that it will launch its own line of color cosmetics, named Essence, in April. [WWD]