Noah Mills Plays a Construction Worker in Sex and the City 2


If you've been searching for a reason to see the Sex and the City 2 movie — a good reason that will justify your choice to your friends who are looking forward to mocking you endlessly for it — you now have one. Noah Mills plays Charlotte's wedding planner Anthony's brother Nicky.

"He's a real New Yorker, a construction worker, blue-collar guy," Mills describes. "My first film experience is this role, so that was a little intimidating; they've worked together for so long."

Mills has at least two scenes ... and only one involves him speaking. The other is "a potentially more awkward scene," he says. That would be a love scene. With Samantha, naturally. Frankly it's hard to see how that's fair. Doesn't Big cheat on Carrie in this movie? Shouldn't she get some sweet Noah Mills construction-worker action? Samantha always beds the best clichés. Carrie can't even remember to bring home her $700 shoes from her ex-boyfriend's apartment.

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