Project Runway Tries to Do Couture

Episode Title
The Hi's and Low's of Fashion

We begin in typical Project Runway fashion: Jesus talks about himself in the third person and Ping acts silly and forgets her shoes. Oh, Ping. Get it together. Heidi tells the group that they’re going to meet some of the most iconic fashion designers of all time, without specifying whom, and we’re pretty sure it’s a gimmick — this is Lifetime, after all. The contestants arrive at the Met, and Tim is standing next to ten looks taken from the Costume Institute. How funny would it be if someone tripped and ripped a dress? Ping, we're looking at you! Tim informs us that the designers will be working in teams of two, which everyone is pained to hear, and that they’ll have $500 to create a high-end signature look that could fit in with the Costume Institute lineup by YSL, Balenciaga, and Dior, among others. Madame Grès looks at Jesus and rolls her eyes from couture heaven. Janeane (JaneJane without the J!) says that being so close to these dresses makes her want to cry, which isn’t surprising, since she’s a crier. “I feel the same way!” says Tim. Aw. When he says it, it’s cute. Sorry, JaneJane without the J.

So the teams are: Jay and Maya, Jesus and Amy, Seth Aaron and Anthony, Janeane and Ben, Mila and Jonathan, Emilio and Anna, and Ping and Jesse. Working on a team is hard. There are power struggles and personality clashes, and Project Runway, thankfully, milks these conflicts for all they’re worth. Mila and Jonathan have some tension because Mila only wants to work on her coat, leaving Jonathan to do everything else. Anthony and Seth Aaron actually work together pretty well, though Anthony gets frustrated with Seth Aaron’s indecision. And then there’s Ping and Jesse, the hilarious odd couple of the bunch. Jesse can’t stand Ping’s disorganization and general ditziness — he menacingly punches his fist in his hands a couple of times in frustration. Don’t hit Ping, Jesse! Though she is SO annoying. Ping loses her sketchbook and then her money and then comes back from Mood with a hooker-esque fabric. The twist! The designers have to create a second look, inspired by someone else’s first look (confusing, especially if you’re a recapper), and only get $50 to do it. This seems pointless. The guest judge this week is British designer Matthew Williamson, who makes stuff like this. Ping is late to come down to the runway, and Tim has to pull an “Aaaaalllvin!” on her. “Piiiiing!” he yells. She finally comes, only to be dismissed forever. Poor Ping. Let’s see the designs.