Ronaldo Flexes Like Beckham in New Emporio Armani Campaign

Ronaldo: "A real maverick."

Earlier in the week, we showed you Megan Fox taking over for Victoria Beckham as she became the new face and, more important, the new body of the Armani Jeans and Emporio Armani ads. Similarly, we see that Posh's hubby, David Beckham, has been replaced by the younger and more muscled (if that's possible) Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo for the new men's campaign. Said Giorgio Armani about Ronaldo, “For me, he is the essence of youth — spontaneous, exciting, a real maverick.” Obviously, replacing both Beckhams is a bid for a fresher image for a younger target audience, but we imagine there are a few British tabloid editors out there right now feeling a tad abandoned.