Saddle Shoes Shimmy Back Into Style

Clockwise from top left: Bass Enfield Saddle Shoe ($65), Ariadna by Camper ($150), Marais USA lace-up ($48), and Sophie shoe by Vans ($55).

Spring shoes are tauntingly multiplying in stores, and amid the racks of platform sandals and huaraches, we’ve noticed another throwback trend: the fifties-style saddle shoe. In perhaps an inevitable progression from the oxford, we’ll all be looking like we’re on our way to a sock hop this spring. Vans launched its new Sophie shoe, Camper tacked on a chunky heel, Steven Alan is stocking Bass’s classic version in black and brown, Urban Outfitters has a leather lace-up, and Fred Flare delivers a canvas-sneaker style from Marais USA. (Various versions are also popping up for the men.) Would you rock the saddle-shoe trend? After scrolling through the Sponge’s brilliant tribute, we have to admit, we’re tempted. Though we suspect you also need model-esque gams to properly pull off those bobby socks.