Self-conscious Daisy Lowe Loves Curves, Dry Cleaning

Lowe: "No ticket, no laundry."

You'd think if anyone would be comfortable in their own skin, it would be Daisy Lowe, the British "It" girl and model who's flaunted her luscious figure in lingerie ads and in Terry Richardson's recent, revealing Pirelli calendar. But, as British Elle found out at the premiere party for Lowe's new collaboration with Swarovski Crystallized, even the apple-bottomed daughter of Gavin Rossdale — who's known for being just a bit shorter and a bit more curvy than your average runway walker but still sizes away from the "average" body type — is not immune to the pressures of the industry standard. "I’m just as self-conscious as any one else, I always feel like I’m too big but then I have a reality check and think, actually, it’s ok." Well, it's really more than okay — but you get it. Lowe, who began modeling at the age of 2, continues, giving fair shake to beanpoles and more bodacious women at the same time. "I think that we should be excited about female form because a woman’s body is a beautiful thing, and yes skinny girls are really beautiful too, but so are girls that have a bit more weight on them. I love curvy girls!" More interesting than all that is the insights she offered about growing up as the child of rocker and designer Pearl Lowe. "My mum used to hang out in the dry cleaning shop and when I was little I thought it was cool. And I really like cleanliness." The rich and famous really are different, aren't they?

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