This Diana Ross–Steve Madden Collaboration Sounds Like a Waste


Rarely is it exciting anymore when celebrities sign on to "design" fashion items or collaborate with brands on capsule collections. But Diana Ross? That is a diva-cum-pretend-designer we can get onboard with. She's collaborating on a shoe line with Steve Madden. Only instead of pumps and peep-toe whatnot, they're making sneakers together. And Madden wants to relaunch his sneaker collection to sell at Foot Locker. So Diana Ross is collaborating with Steve Madden on sneakers for Foot Locker. Until we have proof those shoes will come encrusted with Swarovskis, and with extra-voluminous laces made of feather boas, we will remain highly skeptical of this. And a little sad.

Steve Madden and Diana Ross to Collaborate on Sneakers [StyleList]