Zac Posen Takes Aim at the Eighties in New Target Collection

Posen for Target

With memories of Rodarte's recent stand at Target still fresh in our heads, we were happy to see that Fashionista had posted an early look at Zac Posen's Go International collection for the megaretailer late last night. Not afraid to be floral, girlish, and just a bit boho, the line features a selection of simply constructed dresses, shirts, jackets, and skirts that seem pulled from a John Hughes film (the use of Liberty-like prints, simple buttons on the bibs, and the color palette have a certain eighties sexy-babysitter quality to them). Though we could do without the red-and-fuchsia zebra-stripe dress and the floral gown, there were some standouts. The swimsuits are classic, chic, and sexy, and a pair of simple, black pleated slacks are a winner. The real gets here, though, are the cocktail dresses, which, given their low prices and somewhat ironic high-school prom aesthetic, look ideal for bringing an extra charge to late-night cheap thrills about town. Expect long lines when the collection bows in late April.

FIRST LOOK: Zac Posen for Target Lookbook [Fashionista]