A Quick Note on Triangle Cleavage


After ringing in the New Year in a questionable sparkly brown unitard perhaps better suited to Johnny Weir or one of the spectacular male Olympic ice dancers, Jennifer Lopez wore another skintight jumpsuit to perform in the Sanremo Italian Music Festival Friday night. This one was black leather, and laced up over each buttock. The Daily News speculates the tightness of the getup contributed to Lopez's restrained dancing. However, as with the paper's reporting on Lopez's New Year's suit, they also missed the most notable part of this ensemble: the triangle cleavage. See how she wore a "top" consisting only of connecting sleeves over her bustier creating a triangular window of cleavage that makes it hard to notice anything else about her? It's the kind of thing fitness freaks who work out at Equinox wear to Saturday-morning kickboxing classes, but over only a sports bra with their entire midriffs showing. What is the point of the sleeves if their stomach and boobs are on display anyway? Those people don't suffer from embarrassing arm cellulite. Lopez is probably a gym person, but at 41 we hope she's not taking style cues from her fitness institution's sluttiest members.

Jennifer Lopez, aka J.Lo, performs in leather cat-suit update at Italy's 2010 Sanremo Music Festival [NYDN]
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