André Leon Talley’s Favorite Shows This Week

LaQuan Smith feels the love.

Sitting in the front row at Calvin Klein this afternoon with his date, Whoopi Goldberg, André Leon Talley admitted to being exhausted on this final day of New York Fashion Week. "But I’ve had some wonderful moments of beauty," Talley said, and proceeded to reel them off: "Chado, Rodarte, Derek Lam, and Ralph Lauren this morning I really loved,” he said. "And I loved LaQuan Smith, the new young designer who just had his first show and is 21 years old. I loved that so much, I thought it was beautiful."

We persuaded (okay, begged) ALT to give us a teaser for the upcoming season of America’s Next Top Model, his first on the show. "When we were on our destination journey — which I cannot reveal to you, I’ll be sued for $5 million — Tyra and I had a fabulous, fabulous day with an elephant called Burma," he said. Talley can also reveal that Tyra looks terrific without her weave: "I think she’s back to her soignée look when she was first at St. Laurent when she was 16."