‘Before’ Photo Confirms Photoshop at Play in Madonna’s Louis Vuitton Campaign


What appears to be a photo of Madonna from the set of her fall 2009 Louis Vuitton campaign before retouching has emerged. The source is unclear, and Sassybella wonders if it's real, but professional retouchers tell us it sure looks it. Also, photos of Madonna before retouching leak all the time. Like this from her now-famous W shoot with Jesus Luz, or these from her Hard Candy album. Hell, Google "Madonna unretouched" and all kinds of stuff comes up. By comparison, this is one of her more flattering "before" shots. And at least she's always wrinkle-free. We just can't imagine why the Vuitton people felt the need to minimize her biceps, which are such a nice contrast to the noodle model arms we always see.

Madonna for Louis Vuitton, pre youth-Photoshop (or post ageing-Photoshop depending on your take) [Sassybella]