Best Bet: Color Story


To merely call Jane Schub’s collection "nail polishes" almost seems like an injustice. Her STRANGEBEAUTIFUL line can best be described as art or an accessory for your nails. After graduating from Rhode Island School of Design, she became an illustrator before embarking on a career in cosmetics. Her art background is a clear inspiration in everything from the simple Lucite packaging to the richly pigmented hues. Like the other three collections before it, Library of Color Volume 4 is just as beautiful, just as saturated, and of course none of the colors has a name. We’re fortunate that Schub has an intense love affair with color and views it in ways most of us will never imagine. Her brilliant mind will leave hands beautiful in early spring.

$79 for eight, available March 18 at Mxyplyzyk (125 Greenwich Ave., nr. W. 13th St.; 212-989-4300).