Brad Goreski Has Informed the Authorities About His Missing Coat

The jacket in question.

Yesterday the assistant to Rachel Zoe tweeted, "I just saw someone wearing the dsqaured coat that was stolen from me at the haiti benefit. He was working on the show too..very fishy." And: "He came up to me and I said 'that's my jacket' and he said 'we must have the same one yours is at security'. I bought it at the sample sale" Then: "My gay rage is coming out!! Nobody messes with my Dsquared--nobody!" He tweets this morning: "re the coat: i filed a report and it is being considered a theft...i know you have my jacket and i would turn it in. they know who you are." Hmmm. If we were in that situation we'd probably just assume we got drunk and stupid and lost it somewhere. [mrbradgoreski/Twitter]