Breaking: Maggie Rizer Did Not Dye Her Hair for Anna Wintour


After learning that when Anna Wintour told the The September Issue cameraman to lose weight he promptly did, we weren’t the least bit surprised to read in "Page Six" that Maggie Rizer dyed her hair at La Wintour’s behest. But when we asked the model about it at last night’s amfAR Gala, she corrected us, in between fits of laughter: "It wasn’t because of that! It was sooo strange when I opened the paper this morning and it said that. No, I’ve been planning on going red. I’ve been going back and forth from red to blonde since I was 17 years old, and this is just one more go-back.” She went on: “I know a lot of editors prefer me with red hair. Many.” Including Anna? “Yes, she’s one of them. But I think she likes me blonde, too. Hopefully.”