Brooklyn Decker Explains the Awkward Triangle Top on Her Sports Illustrated Cover


Last night’s blizzard may have dumped a foot of snow on Manhattan, but the Sports Illustrated swimsuit models are safe, sound, and — unlike us — warm. The magazine chartered a plane to fly a group of them (along with their publicists) out to Las Vegas immediately after last night’s swimsuit-issue launch party at Provocateur. Brooklyn Decker was recovering from cover shock. "Last night, I was sort of in a world … Everyone was like, 'What’s wrong, are you okay?' And I’m like, 'I’m fine,'" she told us. "Today it actually set in and I’m just really enjoying it." But, why is her top so awkwardly positioned in the cover shot? "Awkward? I think it looks like it’s naturally hanging off my shoulder." But why even bother with it? "You know what it is, it’s kind of like, I was wearing a top and then, oh, I decided to put it on my shoulder and take a cute picture," Decker explained. She did not read the magazine to prepare for her shoot. "I just worked out a lot."