Coco Rocha Named Her Clothing Line ‘Rococo’

Coco (center) with Cheryl Hickey and Kim D'Eor.

Last night, model Coco Rocha covered the Grammys red carpet for ET Canada, wearing the first piece from her clothing line. She also revealed its name — Rococo — which she selected from entries to the naming contest she held on her blog. Rococo was submitted by a 21-year-old male student from the Bronx, whom Coco seems to have forgotten to acknowledge in her big name-reveal post. Rococo is actually kind of clever, since the dress she wore last night was pretty rococo itself. She has said she loves "1800, costume-y, but elegant, Victorian-inspired clothes," and her medieval-esque dress fit the bill. We like that she's not afraid of looking "costume-y," but why not go one step further than those gold bra inserts on her shoulders and top her head with a cone hat and veil? Throw on a petticoat, flare the sleeves till they hit the floor, and grab a wand and affix the end with a salt shaker full of glitter. Coco has strong features and a great figure. She can pull off anything.

And the name of my line is... [Oh So Coco]
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