Construction Workers Holler at Tim Gunn


Last night the Human Rights Campaign of Greater New York held its annual dinner in honor of equal rights for the LGBT community. We caught up with Tim Gunn, who loves his growing legion of straight male fans. Does he think many watch Project Runway? "They do indeed. I'm proud of that, I think it's cool. You can't watch the show and not buy into who the designers are and the whole general nature of what fashion is," he told us. "So the more diverse the audience is, the happier I am. When we were taping in L.A., I had to walk by a construction site to get to the set; my apartment was a block away. At one point, these construction guys were shouting from the scaffolding: 'Tim Gunn, you're killing me with that show!' I bet they're not gay — though I shouldn't say that. You never know. But they were definitely fans."