Cubicle-Testing Beyoncé’s Heat


It may be cold outside, but not in Sharon Clott's cubicle. For she was the lucky one among the fashion staff to receive a complimentary bottle of Beyoncé's new Heat fragrance today. Seized undoubtedly by impulse, she actually spritzed it on her wrist. Once on the skin, the scent transformed in a matter of just a few minutes from something floral-y and vaguely acceptable to an offensive mix of car fumes and that vanilla body spray Victoria's Secret used to sell to 12-year-olds. But the biggest problem with this fragrance? The packaging. The box doesn't say "Buy me! My $59 price tag is a BARGAIN!" It says something else entirely.

Frankly, it reminds us of lube. First because the "Heat" logo along with the gold swirl looks like something that belongs on a bottle of KY. Also, the etchings on the sides of the Heat box, ahem, are nearly identical to the pattern behind the KY logo on the box you see here. But calling to mind sex is kind of Beyoncé's thing, which is why this fragrance could just be a smashing success.