Daphne Guinness Explains Her New Love of Veils


On Friday night, Daphne Guinness attended the premiere of Peter McGough's short Mean to Me, in which Agyness Deyn appears. Guinness wore a black veil, a look we've seen a lot from her lately. "I started wearing veils like four weeks ago. It's great. It's less pretentious than sunglasses, but it's just like you don't have to wear any makeup, all you have to do is tie a piece of tulle around your head.," she explained. "It gives you that slight distance from things. Everything's a bit grainy, like a super-eight film. Sunglasses are great, but I always feel a bit pretentious wearing sunglasses. I mean, I do love to wear them. It's very funny because another friend of mine completely independently said, 'Oh my God, I've been going through a veil thing, too.'''

That friend is not Lady Gaga, she confirmed. Guinness buys pieces of tulle and makes the veils herself, but she has no plans to sell them. "No! I'm not that commercial person. Are you kidding?" she said. "I mean, come on, fashion kills. It should have a health warning, definitely." We asked how she's holding up since the loss of her friend Alexander McQueen, and Guinness seemed to tear up behind that veil. "I just can't believe I'm never going to see him again."