Diane Von Furstenberg Wants Her Grandchildren to Take Over Her Business


Diane Von Furstenberg isn't ready to retire. But when she does, she has a plan in order. "My business is a family business," she says in the new issue of the New York Post's Page Six Magazine, due out Thursday. "I hope my grandchildren will take over. I’ll keep it going for them. They can start interning soon. It’s in their genes. They’re already interested in fashion."

In the meantime, she's keeping it in the family in other ways, like by having her son Alex's fiancée, Ali Kay, star as the face of the brand in an upcoming campaign. "In a lot of ways, I see A.K. (Ali Kay) in me," she says of her future daughter-in-law, who's been engaged to her son for three years and recently came under fire for allegedly sexting with Reggie Miller. "I also had a very attractive prince — a good-looking man that every woman wanted. I identify with her — the way she looks, the way she is with a very attractive man at a young age and tries to keep up with him. She’s unsophisticated and very pretty and was thrown into a world the way I was thrown into a world like that." Being called unsophisticated almost sounds like a compliment when it comes from DVF.

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