Editors Riding Their Bikes in Droves to Condé Nast

Lucy Danziger.

Self editor-in-chief Lucy Danziger has been leaving her bike at home these days, but only to avoid frozen toes. “Like even today, I was thinking I should have biked,” she said last night at a celebration for her new book, The Nine Rooms of Happiness, which she co-authored with psychiatrist Catherine Birndorf. But what about helmet hair? "Actually, helmets help your hair look good. They keep it in place," she said. And yes, she still wears Tory Burch when she rides to work. "Obviously a lot of people who bike to work worry that they’re going to get helmet hair, or they’re going to have to wear geeky trousers with the little cuff thing to keep from getting grease on your pants," she said. "And I just thought, no, you just wear these beautiful pencil-thin pants. I wear Vince pants, a Tory Burch jacket, a Tory Burch sweater, some pretty necklaces, and you feel really dressy and really cool."

Apparently the biking-to-work trend has caught on at Condé. Sometimes the bike room at 4 Times Square even gets overcrowded. “There’s a lot of bikes. Every day, it’s hard to lock up because there’s so many bikes,” Danziger said. Do higher-ups get preferred bike spots? “No, no.” She shook her head at this absurd notion. “You just throw yours on whatever rack is available.”

However, when the thermometer dips below 40 degrees, Danziger can be seen on her red scooter. “I’ve bought a little used Vespa, and when you scooter, you can get around fast,” she said. She’s also more enthusiastic about the subway than anyone we’ve ever seen: “We ran across the Brooklyn Bridge to Brooklyn two days ago, and we took the subway home. I love the subway! It just rocks! It’s so fast.” Self entertainment editor Laura Brounstein noted, “I see tons of people getting off the subway with me and coming to 4 Times Square — people from Vogue, and lots of other people. It’s always fun to look around in the train and guess who’s going to be walking into your office building with you from the subway.”