Fashion’s Night Out Lands CBS Special


A few weeks ago Fashion's Night Out was rumored to be looking around for some kind of reality-show deal, perhaps so it wouldn't have to make a desperate attempt to keep its fame alive with a new hairdo or something. Organizers just confirmed that the deal is on, however it doesn't sound like the bitchy Bravo series we were all hoping for. In fact it's not even a series. CBS will air only a one-hour special about the big shopping night on September 15 of this year. Fashion's Night Out takes place on September 10. So the footage will likely include what happens on the big night itself.

Naturally, the Vogue crew chose CBS for the special. They aired a favorable 60 Minutes piece on Anna Wintour last year. And aside from that, the network suits them. If magazines were television networks, Elle would be NBC, Glamour would be ABC, and Vogue would be CBS. (We can't decide what would be Bravo, but that may be because no women's magazine currently achieves a comparable level of greatness.) We just wish they'd cut more than an hour, especially since the air date falls during Fashion Week, which means pretty much no one involved in that will be able to watch it. The biggest upside to this arrangement is that if you attend Fashion's Night Out this year you might see yourself stumbling around drunk on CBS, where if you say "Hi, Mom," she might actually see it.