Fashion’s Night Out to Become Reality-TV Show?


Vogue is one of the few major fashion magazines yet to align itself with a reality-television program. Anna Wintour even turned down a Vogue partnership with Project Runway before the show started airing on Bravo. However, Fashion's Night Out organizers, which include Vogue, the CFDA, and NYC & Co. are approaching networks about doing a show about the making of Anna's big shopping party. As The Rachel Zoe Project and last night's premiere of Kell on Earth have proved, no network better understands or captures the nuances of the fashion industry's bitchery, egos, eccentricity, and unhealthy obsessions over the most insignificant things than Bravo. "We love fashion and Vogue and would like to find a way to work together with them," a Bravo rep told "Page Six."

Yet a Fashion's Night Out rep would only reveal, "We are in talks with CBS, but there is nothing confirmed at this time." Why CBS? Because they did a cute 60 Minutes piece on Anna Wintour? A Fashion's Night Out reality show doesn't need to be a documentary mini-series with journalistic integrity. It just needs to capture Anna ruling the world and assistants screwing up and feeling bad about themselves, with some celebrities and famous designers in between. Would anyone even care if they staged the whole thing? As long as we see Anna in her element on a weekly basis, we're happy as clams.

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