Fug Girls: Irina Lazareanu Shows Us Her O-Face at Anna Sui


We’ve seen so much of Irina Lazareanu in the audience this season, it's easy to forget she used to be a premier catwalker herself. At Anna Sui on Wednesday night, a reporter asked Irina — clad in a transparent black shirt and very wide-leg black slacks — if she misses being on the runway instead of sitting beside it. "I'm enjoying this," Irina said, gesturing at the photographers and the crowd. "I could get used to this!" She had plenty of chances to today: Before Sui, Irina took in Jeremy Scott and Phillip Lim. "Oh my GOD, I almost had an orgasm in the front row after Phillip Lim," Irina panted to a camera crew. "It was GORGEOUS. I was like, uhhh," she added, blinking her eyes at the sky and waving her hands, making what we can only assume is her O-face. Then a little old lady tapped me on the shoulder and said, "I'll have what she's having." … No. That didn't happen. But wouldn't it have been awesome?

Peaches Geldof, who had been rubbing elbows with Irina during most of that interview, didn't get much of a word in edgewise (and is it any wonder? She'd have had to claim multiple orgasms to compete). So Peaches walked back to her seat across the way and flopped down next to her purple-haired boyfriend, whose name is not Herb, tragically, but Eamon Kelly. She watched as a Korean girl group named The Wonder Girls made a minor paparazzi stir and rested her head tiredly on Eamon's shoulder, sitting upright only when blogger Bryanboy came over to chat. That's when we got a look at Peaches's shirt: A filmy black thing (which her Twitter claims is by Vivetta) with one heart over each boob. It looked kind of like the losing design in a Project Runway Valentine's challenge, but apparently it worked its mojo, as Peaches and NotHerb snuggled right up until the lights went down and the show began. Who knew fashion was such an aphrodisiac? Maybe we will have what they're having.

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