Guns N’ Roses Back on the Fashion Scene — This Time, It’s Slash


You heard about Axl Rose’s performances at New York Fashion Week? Slash didn’t do him one better, but he did attend a London Fashion Week fashion party — celebrating the launch of Temperley’s “Alice by Temperley” and the release of Alice and Wonderland — last night. As you would expect, he was sporting cascading black curls, black sunglasses, and a top hat — although the latter item, in the context of the Wonderland-themed party, made him seem as much like the Mad Hatter as plain old Slash. Accompanied by a cloud of bodyguards, he chilled with a wig-topped Trinny Woodall, the British T.V. fashion critic (TLC imported her Stateside with the show Trinny and Susannah Make Over America last year). Slash told us he showed up because he's BFF with Woodall's husband, and actually felt wildly out of place at a fashion fête. "Look, I'm wearing jeans and a shirt," he said. "I have no idea why I am here." And so, five minutes later, he left.