Carine Anoints Newcomer Hakaan With Her Approval


After all the New York Fashion Week festivities came to an end yesterday, we headed off to London for the start of the next batch of shows. Our first stop, Hakaan, is a barely known name even among London's clothing cognoscenti. But prepare for major cool factor to kick in soon: French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld nodded approval and gestured as Lara Stone and Natalia Vodianova stomped past in felted wool dresses.

Unfortunately, we were too distracted by the cattiness in the front rows to properly pay attention to the collection. A top English editor sitting nearby, with British snark so scathing we're withholding her name to protect her fashion future, dissed the one and only Kate Moss. "She actually looks a bit like somebody from the Village People," said the editor, blasting England's crown modeling jewel so loudly we looked over our shoulder for a sniper. Moss, seated just next to Roitfeld (the only star in the audience unless you count oddball British comedian David Walliams, a.k.a. the future Mr. Lara Stone), was topped in a leather newsboy bedecked with a chain. London Fashion Week's barely started and the claws are already out.