If You Feel Like Stalking Beyoncé Tonight, Head to Union Square


Were you wondering why Beyoncé was randomly on 60 Minutes this past Sunday? The most controversial thing she does is wear very little clothing, which at this point in her life is hardly that compelling anymore, so one wouldn't think she'd make very interesting television for a program like 60 Minutes. But apparently it was all part of Team Beyoncé's plot to publicize her fragrance Heat, which is just launching. Tomorrow she's appearing at Macy's at 5 p.m. to sign stuff and meet fans. She's going on the Today show on Friday and The Tyra Banks Show on February 15. Tonight she's holding the Heat launch party at 15 Union Square, "with flickering projections of flames, steam and fog onto trees and the outside." So whether you like it or not, if you're in the area, you won't be able to avoid her and her ring of fire. But with Beyoncé, such is life.

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