Is Oscar Blandi’s Invisible Dry Shampoo Spray Worth the Excitement?


The idea of a clear, spray-on dry shampoo is intriguing and exciting — great for all hair colors, no guesswork on how much powder to sprinkle, and no more spending what seems like hours rubbing it in to avoid the appearance of dandruff. We got a preview of Oscar Blandi's new Pronto Dry Shampoo ($23) before it hits shelves in March and tested the seemingly miracle hair product. Limp and greasy co-workers sprayed at their desks and the vast majority all had similar reactions: "OMG." However, one panelist didn't like the smell (that would be the lemon verbena) and didn't feel like it did much for her buildup. "I'm a shopper, but wouldn't spend money on this. You know when something changes your life and it's worth the money? This isn't it." While most loved the easy spray action and oil-absorbing power, no one noticed any added volume, which is a claim on the press release. Overall, though, our panel of picky women gave it a seal of approval.

Available March 1 at the Oscar Blandi Salon (545 Madison Ave., at 55th St., second fl.; 212-421-9800).