Kate Gosselin Took Ten Inches Off Her Hair


At the beginning of January, Kate Gosselin unveiled new long hair on the cover of People. Ted Gibson spent twenty hours — nearly a full day — sewing extensions to Kate's head to rid her of her old reverse mullet. And to think that even after all that work they still looked fake. Kate had to return to Gibson recently because her own hair grew out, rendering her extensions a mess that needed fixing. Gibson says they decided to cut it to make it "sexy and moving." Oh, sure. We think we know what really went on here. Kate went around with chest-length hair for a month, realized she looked like she'd give anything to be back in high school rather than help her kids through it, and decided to take on a more mature style. This just goes to show the consequences of a bad haircut, like Kate's reverse mullet. She has the best people in the world working on her hair and it still shows no matter what she does with it.

Kate Gosselin Changes Up Her Hair — Again! [StyleWatch/People]