Kelly Cutrone’s Assistant Makes an Assistant Out of the Bravo Publicist


At the premiere party for Kell on Earth at the Tribeca Grand Monday night, Kelly Cutrone's assistant, Andrew, was busy getting his picture taken. "I think he’s so funny, because his iPod charger ran out of batteries and he had the Bravo publicist running around looking for a charger," Cutrone told us. "I was like, 'Wait, a minute — you have this totally wrong, you’re my assistant, you’re supposed to have a backup charger, you don’t ask other publicists to go and get you a charger.'"

"He has the power to entrance me," she admitted. "But all my gay boys in the office — they’re my favorite. They like to be called 'the gays' now — they’ve asked me to only refer to them as 'the gays.' But, they bring all the love and humor and fun. The girls — we’re the worrier girls, we bring all the drama." Where her new Bravo show may be inaccurate is in depicting who yells at whom. "It’s not like me, just demeaning people, you know? They pick on me all the time. There’s a lot of reciprocity," Cutrone explained. "I get yelled at probably more. And then they treat me like I’m grandma in the corner."