Kirsten Dunst Is Into Curling


Kirsten Dunst maintained a low profile this Fashion Week, and only attended Rodarte and Patrik Ervell's shows and the Opening Ceremony party. "I don’t know if I looked out for trends. I guess I was having too much fun! A lot of black.” she said at last night's opening of Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum's Rodarte exhibit. However, she isn't excited about fall's fur explosion. "You know what, I don’t hate on people that wear fur, obviously, but I just, as an actress I know that I repre — like, people go, 'Oh, she looks cool in that,’ and it’s not my fave. I don’t want animals being killed for — it’s not my favorite thing."

Since she's working on a new film, Dunst also hasn't had much time for the Olympics. "I feel actually like a bad human being for not watching, just a bad human being. I’m like, ugh. I didn’t even watch the Opening Ceremony this year — I didn’t even know which day it was on." Dunst was unsure which sport she'd choose given the opportunity to compete in the Games herself. "Oh God, I just said the bobsled because it’s Cool Runnings and I loved that movie when I was younger," she said. "But I think I’d want to be a figure skater because they have really pretty outfits. Or a skier. Skier or figure skater. What if I said — what’s the one where they brush really fast?" She paused to make brushing motions. "Yeah, it’s like —" She made more brushing motions. That would be curling, darling.