A Closer Look at Lady Gaga’s Every Outfit From the Grammys


Lady Gaga didn't win any Grammys in the live telecast last night. But clad entirely in Armani Privé throughout the evening, she won fashion-wise in every respect. The Wall Street Journal wondered last week how she'd possibly top her six outfit changes at the Video Music Awards. From the moment she tottered out of her car in the spherical dress that looked to be wrapped with suspended ribbons of glitter wire, it was clear she was on an entire different plane from the VMAs. Any lace face coverings could not compete with the weapon-accessory she carried with her on the carpet as though a handbag. And if her sparkly green performance leotard felt tame, it was because she saved her most dramatic creation to sit in the audience and watch the rest of the awards. But none of the televised Grammy coverage — the pre-shows, the actual show, the post-shows — did any of her ensembles justice. Did you get a close-up look at her shoes? No? Well, friends. Then you don't know shoes. Take a look at Gaga's every look at every angle from this year's Grammys, including beauty, details, and her moment with Celine Dion, in the slideshow.