Lady Gaga Would Make a Great Sex-Ed Teacher


Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper are fronting new lipsticks for M.A.C, sales of which will benefit the M.A.C AIDS Fund. Gaga is doing what she can to encourage women to practice safe sex. "When the guy that she’s seeing says, ‘Baby, it doesn’t feel good when I wear that,’ or ‘Baby, it’s just you,’ you say, ‘F--k you, I’m out of here.’" she says. "Buying condoms is seen as a male accessory. We were joking that we wish the lipstick had on the side, ‘Where’s my best friend, the condom? Come out with me tonight.’ The lipstick should be a reminder to practice safe sex on their own, as opposed to hoping that the guy they went out with has it in a drawer next to his bed ... I come across in all my videos and all my music as this sexually empowered woman, but even I say no. Just because you are a sexual woman doesn’t mean you are dumb." [WWD]