Lady Gaga’s Skeleton Corset Looks a Little Gross When She’s Not Wearing It


Lady Gaga is auctioning her glitter skeleton corset to raise money for Haiti, which is awesome, and may help make up for those rumors that she declined to participate in "We Are the World." Bids on the corset, which is signed and has an estimated value of $2,000, are up to $5,000. Bidding doesn't end until February 23, so who knows how much it will go for? Also, it's interesting to see her clothes separate from her. Like, how uncomfortable and scary they look. Like this piece, which may double as the world's most effective brassiere. But also, the plastic (or rubber?) and straps here look to have been salvaged from the interior of a car — seat belts, dashboard, and all. The scariest part is the plastic diaper that comes attached to the top, which on its own resembles those safety swings babies put their legs through. Yet it looks cool on Gaga. The lesson here for whoever wins the auction: This piece is meant to be worn.

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