Lingerie As Outerwear — Do or Don’t? Roy and Tamblyn Weigh In

Underwear not shown: Roy.

With lots of lingerie-as-clothing on trend for spring, we took the opportunity at the La Perla presentation (which featured corsets, garters, and lacy briefs) to ask women’s opinions about wearing underwear on the outside. Designer Rachel Roy let her underwear peek out at a recent public appearance in Chicago: “Everyone who came to see me was like, ‘Oh, I could never wear that,’” Roy explained. “I was like, what about this dress could you not wear? ‘Well, you’re showing your bra.’ And I said, ‘Have you not seen Sex and the City?’ I’m not a sample size; I’m a regular woman, and I want to hide everything — I’m showing my bra because it’s a distraction from the hips and the gut! Come on, ladies!”

Amber Tamblyn was also enthusiastic about the underwear-as-outerwear trend — but explained that she wouldn’t be able to pull it off, no matter how hard she tried: “I’d probably be like, ‘Hell yeah!’ And I would throw on a Scottish beret with that, and it would absolutely terrible. Like, I would put a bra over a kilt, and it would be the worst thing you’ve ever seen … If I go too far out, I’m going to seriously look like I belong with the Muppet babies. And ten bloggers would agree that that’s true.” Well, we’d have to see the look first, Ms. Tamblyn.